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The Calichi Experience

Project Type

Event Production


April 2023


Puerto Rico

Case Study: The Calichi Experience

Client: Johnnie Walker

Client Overview:
Johnnie Walker (JW), a globally recognized Scotch whisky brand, sought to reposition itself as a top choice in the young consumer market. The challenge was to execute a captivating brand experience that would generate buzz and excitement among influencers and potential consumers.

Project Objectives:
- Reintroduce Johnnie Walker as a leading brand in the young consumer market.
- Create a memorable and immersive brand experience.
- Generate social media buzz and engage influencers.

Challenges Faced:
- Competing in a highly competitive market.
- Need to stand out and capture the attention of a younger demographic.

Solution Provided:
Spotlight Entertainment designed "The Calichi Experience," a unique and immersive brand event. The approach included:

1. Influencer Unboxing:
Invited influencers received a special unboxing experience, creating excitement and anticipation. This generated considerable interest on Instagram, with influencer unboxing posts reaching up to 3 million impressions.

2. Mystery Location:
Participants were instructed to meet at a specific location without knowledge of where the event would take place. This added an element of surprise and anticipation.

3. Festival Look Dress Code:
Guests were encouraged to dress in a "festival look," creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

4. Flash Mob Welcome:
Upon arrival at the undisclosed event location in Naranjito, Puerto Rico, attendees were greeted with an engaging flash mob performance, designed for maximum social media impact.

5. Exclusive Buyout:
Spotlight Entertainment secured the entire Calichi Gastrobar venue, providing participants with an exclusive experience. A specially crafted Johnnie Walker cocktail menu was featured, along with food sampling, live music, and DJ entertainment.

6. Interactive Activities:
The event included a basketball rim area, local games, and photo opportunities to keep attendees engaged and entertained.

7. Speakeasy Surprise:
In a hidden part of the location, attendees were treated to a speakeasy experience. Small groups were transported in off-road golf carts to a secret bar with mixologists, a private DJ, and a vintage speakeasy ambiance.

Results and Outcomes:
- The Calichi Experience successfully reignited brand loyalty among all participants.
- Generated significant social media engagement and influencer coverage, putting Johnnie Walker back on the map in Puerto Rico.
- Created a lasting impression and elevated Johnnie Walker's reputation as a top brand in the young consumer market.

Key Highlights:
- Innovative unboxing strategy for influencers.
- Surprise flash mob and mystery location added excitement.
- Exclusive buyout and speakeasy experience created a unique brand immersion.

Client Testimonial: Spotlight Entertainment delivered an exceptional event that not only met but exceeded our expectations. The Calichi Experience reestablished Johnnie Walker's presence in Puerto Rico and left a lasting impact on our audience.

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