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JW Juana La Loca Pop Up Bar

Project Type

Event Production


June 2023


Puerto Rico, Viejo San Juan

Case Study: JW Pop Up Bar at Juana La Loca, Old San Juan

Client: Johnnie Walker

Event Overview:
Spotlight Entertainment collaborated with Johnnie Walker to create a captivating brand experience – the JW Pop Up Bar. Held at Juana La Loca Bar in Old San Juan for one week in June 2023, this event was designed to provide participants with an elite cocktail experience while showcasing Johnnie Walker's versatility in mixology. The objective was to generate a massive sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and elevate the brand's image.

Project Objectives:
- Establish a Pop Up Bar for a limited time to create exclusivity and intrigue.
- Deliver an exceptional mixology experience to highlight Johnnie Walker's versatility.
- Generate significant FOMO and buzz surrounding the event.
- Showcase creativity and innovation in mixology.
- Leave a lasting impression on participants.

Production Elements:
- Professional sound system.
- LED screen for visuals.
- Ambience LED uplights for atmospheric lighting.
- Custom artwork and printing materials for branding and decoration.
- Live DJ performances.
- Pre-batched cocktails to ensure efficiency.

Spotlight Entertainment brought its passion for creativity to life with the JW Pop Up Bar. Partnering with resident mixologist Juan Montes, the team crafted an elite mixology menu and tapas selection to amaze participants. Drawing inspiration from a recent visit to Barcelona, the JW Pop Up Bar aimed to deliver a mixology experience that would be unforgettable.

The menu, known as the ORDO Menu, focused on four distinct flavor profiles: Smoky, Fruity, Sweet, and Spicy. This careful curation allowed guests to explore a range of taste sensations. Over the course of one week, the JW Pop Up Bar served more than 1,000 Johnnie Walker cocktails to approximately 600 guests. The event left a lasting impression, defining what a premium cocktail experience should be.

Key Achievements:
- Successful execution of a limited-time Pop Up Bar.
- Delivery of an elite mixology experience.
- Showcased Johnnie Walker's versatility in mixology.
- Created significant FOMO and buzz around the event.
- Celebrated creativity and innovation in cocktail crafting.
- Left a lasting impression on approximately 600 participants.

Client Testimonial:
Spotlight Entertainment's JW Pop Up Bar was an incredible success. Their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering an exceptional mixology experience truly set this event apart. It was an unforgettable showcase of Johnnie Walker's brand and versatility.

This case study highlights how Spotlight Entertainment collaborated with Johnnie Walker to create an exclusive Pop Up Bar experience that celebrated mixology innovation, generated FOMO, and left a memorable impression on participants.

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