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Johnnie Walker NFT Experience

Project Type

Event Production


san juan, puerto rico

Project type


Case Study: Johnnie Walker NFT Gallery - "Take A Walk... & Dance"

Client: Johnnie Walker

Client Overview:
Johnnie Walker, a renowned brand of Scotch whisky, sought to create a unique and immersive experience as part of its "Take A Walk" campaign. The goal was to engage influencers, showcase their NFT gallery, and reinforce the brand's image.

Project Objectives:

Develop a distinctive city event aligned with the "Take A Walk" campaign.
Attract an exclusive group of influencers and generate social media buzz.
Create a memorable and immersive experience showcasing Johnnie Walker's NFT gallery.
Challenges Faced:

Planning and executing an event in a high-tech NFT gallery.
Ensuring the event generated substantial social media content and buzz.
Solution Provided:
Spotlight Entertainment took on the challenge of transforming a state-of-the-art NFT gallery in Old San Juan into the "Take A Walk... & Dance" event. The approach included:

1. Exclusive Invitations:
Influencers received intriguing invitations in the form of a stylish box containing a Johnnie Walker yellow hoodie and two VIP event invites. The unboxing generated viral content on Instagram and heightened FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

2. Immersive Gallery Experience:
Upon arrival at the gallery, attendees were greeted with a signature Johnnie Walker cocktail. The space was adorned with Johnnie Walker branding on high-tech NFT monitors, providing influencers with visually captivating content opportunities.

3. Mixology Menu:
A special mixology menu featuring Johnnie Walker cocktails added a sophisticated touch to the event. Live music, art installations by local NFT artists, and an 8' x 8' x 8' LED Cube with Keep Walking visuals enhanced the immersive experience.

4. Speakeasy Experience:
A speakeasy-style experience led by local mixologist Juan Montes offered attendees a unique and engaging way to enjoy Johnnie Walker cocktails.

5. Culinary Delights:
Local celebrity Chef Raul Correa curated a food tasting menu that delighted attendees' palates.

6. Special Performances:
The event concluded with two special performances, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Results and Outcomes:

The "Take A Walk... & Dance" event successfully engaged influencers and created significant social media buzz.
The NFT gallery transformed into an immersive experience, reinforcing Johnnie Walker's brand image.
The event garnered widespread attention, strengthening Johnnie Walker's presence in the market.
Key Highlights:

Exclusive influencer invitations with viral unboxing.
Immersive gallery experience with NFT branding.
Special mixology menu and culinary delights.
Engaging speakeasy-style experience.
Memorable performances and art installations.
Client Testimonial: "Spotlight Entertainment's creativity and execution turned our NFT gallery event into an unforgettable experience. Their ability to engage influencers and create social media buzz was exceptional."

This case study showcases how Spotlight Entertainment transformed a high-tech NFT gallery into an immersive event that engaged influencers, generated social media buzz, and reinforced Johnnie Walker's brand image.

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